A citizen of United States received a life term for the preparation of the assassination attempt on Bush


A resident of Virginia, of Arab origin Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 27 July, was sentenced to life imprisonment for involvement in 2003 in preparing the assassination attempt on President George W. Bush.

Judge of the city Alexandria (Virginia), Gerald Bruce Lee had once – in 2005 – announced its verdict in the case, sending Abu Ali in a prison cell for 30 years. However, in June 2008 Court of Appeals in Richmond, in response to a protest from the prosecutor’s office, found the sentence too lenient.

Li, reading a new decision, said that Abu Ali had taken into account the unwillingness to repent and condemn terrorist activities by Al Qaeda, in which he came. He also rejected the statements of counsel, that the confessions of Abu Ali “was broken” by Saudi investigators. According to Lee, during the trial, held in Virginia, members of the jury, and then a judge of the Court of Appeal considered this issue and concluded that there is no reason to consider the recognition of Abu Ali, a confession “involuntary.”

Abu Ali, who is now 28 years old, was born in Houston, grew up in the small town of Falls Church, near the American capital. After receiving financial support from the local Muslim community, he went to study in college in Saudi Arabia, which joined the al-Qaida and was spetspodgotovku to carry out terrorist acts. He was arrested in 2003 in Medina, and during interrogation confessed to the Kingdom to discuss the plans with like-minded attempt on the then owner of the White House. Saudis handed over his American authorities

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