And who said that you are not guilty?


And who said that you are not guilty? Precisely with this question, or rather complaints is increasingly start talking Armenian European integration discourse and youth protest, and so-called activists, with representatives of the EU institutions. Yes, because blaming others is much easier and more enjoyable than to dig into their own mistakes and shortcomings. And the Armenian society again began looking for the guilty party, especially as there is no lack of them.

In the previous post We have already reviewed the leading contender to be the “bad guy.” And if he really did not have to make any effort to become a major competitor to the horns and trident of Satan, his minions very, very try to make to implement the plans and dreams of their leader with the manners of the emperor.
The choice of the next culprit was too obvious, well, who else to blame but power and its the embodiment of – the president. The president, whose glorious military past has long been forgotten, but for its restoration is not done nothing. The President, with whom are associated criminalized oligarchs and the corrupt officials, governors and mayors of unpunished, lawlessness police, all-powerful family ties. And it does not matter whether he is guilty of all sins attributed to him by opposition figures and eternally dissatisfied youth. The important thing is that he has become the personification of the “loss of sovereignty”, which means the forced entry into the proverbial “Customs Union” and a willingness to participate in the formation of the Eurasian Union, that is the reincarnation of the Soviet Union.
Select the next “culprit” is also very obvious. However, they are charged not certain actions and steps, and the inaction and convenience. They are accused of tacit agreement with the Putin regime. They were accused of double standards and too soft, and even gentle, against the ruling regime in Armenia. Below them are meant, the EU and all possible European and international organizations and institutions. The perfection of the charges is its simplicity, because almost none of the accusers are not fully aware of full duties and responsibilities of all collected in a bunch of organizations and institutions called by them for ease of reference – Europe. Europe accused of ignoring the real and pressing problems of Armenia and the Armenian society. Europe is charged with recognizing the results of the recent presidential and parliamentary elections in Armenia. Europe accused of unwillingness to seek confrontation with Russia and its arrogant and irascible ruler. Europe thrown in her face contempt freedoms and values ​​in favor of gas and oil. Double standards have become favorite saying of civilian activists in relation to the European institutions.
There are certainly other “culprits” in the European integration dreams failure. But supporters of the conspiracy theories are in any society and their clinical history is very similar in both democracies and in totalitarian. This range is very wide from masons to Zionist conspiracy, from the Azerbaijani Sultanate fuel oil lobby to ideas of Pan-Turkism. The list could go on as medical advice, but will refrain from doing so.

However, in a society rare one, who wonder what really made ​​the society on the way to the notorious European integration? What sacrifices and hardships were ready for activists to achieve full independence from the Russian “gas collar” and / or “collective security.”
In this light, it is naive, there are calls of those who proposes to abandon the the protection of Russia and Europe, and not to look for a strong partner, and build a strong and self-sufficient country.
They deny globalization and global trends? They hope to providence and the voice of God? I do not know. One thing is for sure, as long as we look for the guilty, and not solution to the situation, we will be in this situation, as in the shit over ears.

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