Azerbaijan buys marginals in Moscow, expert says


Although historians searched for Mehmet Perincek’s book titled “The Armenian Issue” throughout Moscow, nothing of the kind was found, a Russian expert said.

“Usually, release of books is accompanied by a large-scale PR-action. But information about this book was spread by Azerbaijani media only,” head of the Institute of Black and Caspian Sea Studies Vladimir Zakharov told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

Earlier, AzerTac news agency reported that “The Armenian Issue” book authorized by Turkish historian Mehmet Perincek and containing 120 Russian state archive documents refuting “Armenian claims of genocide” was published in Moscow.

“The matter is that no one named Mehmet Perincek has ever worked in Russia’s national archive, which maintains thousand of documents testifying the fact of the Armenian Genocide. 120 or even 200 documents can’t prove anything opposite. Moreover, there are many foreign diplomats and journalists who witnessed the atrocities in 1915,” Zakharov said.

“Azerbaijan just ‘buys’ marginals, who write what they are being ordered to. I personally know several ‘scientists’ who every month receive an envelope with a sum exceeding their annual salary from the Azerbaijani embassy. No one takes these people seriously,” he emphasized.

Zakharov also reminded that recently a book titled “From Meindorf to Astana” was published. “This book is a big lie from the beginning to the end. But, actually, it was written for Azerbaijani readers,” he concluded.

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