Between the upper and the nether millstone


About unacceptable pressure on Armenia by the Putin regime in recent days, it has become not only fashionable, but also beneficial to say. And, not to be the most lazy, I decided to also comment on them.
The Customs Union its pros and cons for Armenia. So it really was not unbearable pressure, or demons in a dark room were not as scary as they are described and continue to represent the society?
The first threat. If you do not enter into a customs union, we derive a military base in Gyumri and border guards from the Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Iranian border. And once we do that Turkey will bomb Armenia or worse attacks Armenia and force for anything. Azerbaijan, sensing your insecurity and vulnerability will start fighting front of the screen on the direction of Tavush and Zangezur. After the withdrawal of Russian troops, the Azerbaijani regime will lead his threats of a military resolution of the Karabakh problem in action.
The second threat. We (Russia) will support Azerbaijan, as has been done so many times in the war against the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.Russian defense industry will sell weapons to Azerbaijani regime not only on signed $ 5 billion, but add on top of even more sophisticated weapons and trainers. And in the case of another failure of the Azerbaijani military, then the Putin regime will bring its troops under the guise of peacekeeping forces, as has happened many times in modern history (Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria).
The third threat. We (Russia) will close all the doors for you in the Russian market your products you will rot in warehouses, you will not be able to sell and make a profit, and in the end you will all die from hunger, or come crawling back begging for mercy as the Georgians.The main instrument of coercion Russian foreign policy over the last few years, are the mythical sanitary regulations and ban the importation of goods from countries not pleasing to the Kremlin and Putin personally. Under such pressure has been repeatedly caught Georgia and Moldova, and in recent years, and Ukraine. Mr. Onishchenko (Chief Sanitary doctor of Russian Federation) became the retributive sword of the Putin regime for recalcitrant states who dared to turn their views in the opposite direction.
The fourth threat. We raise gas prices to incredible heights and you will pay them as pretty. Transit of Iranian gas is also in our hands, and we (Russia) have prudently exclude you (Armenia) from all regional energy projects by hands of Azerbaijani regime. Your nuclear power plant can not operate without our (Russian) uranium and other fuels from other countries, we will not allow you to import. Your energy sector becomes a crisis. Armenia will be back in the era of the “dark years.”
The fifth threat. We (Russia) will sponsor a group of marginals and thugs, as has been done repeatedly. Their hands and the words we plunge the country (Armenia) into chaos and civil war, as we did at the beginning and at the end of the 20th century. Our “fifth column” in support of our troops will lead to a change of government and the entire political course.
The sixth threat. All persons of Armenian origin living in the territory of the Russian Federation will be deported. Their businesses and savings will be confiscated. Will begin pursuit of Russian citizens with Armenian roots. All this will lead to a mass exodus of Armenians from Russia and the subsequent social and humanitarian disaster in Armenia. Since you (Armenia) will no longer receive private transfers from relatives who work in Russia, and your trade balance will be strongly negative, which again will lead to hunger and other horrors which will serve fertile ground for the political or military takeover and the return under the wing of the Russian double-headed eagle.

As far actually scary these threats? Indeed these are all assumptions and fears? These questions need to look for problems, they need to be sought not only in the narrow circle of experts, but also among all sectors of the Armenian society. Of course, to separate the truth from the covered lies will not be easy. There will be agents of influence and just nostalgic for the Soviet past saboteurs. There will be honest idiots who believe in the ideals and thought up threats, and trying to lead the flock.
But this way you have to pass, you have to pass as Moses held his people through the wilderness, in order to forget the wanderings in the centuries of slavery, and through the suffering reach to the freedom cleared.

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