Circulation of the French newspaper “Le Monde” removed from sale in Morocco


The next issue of French newspaper “Le Monde” (Le Monde) on Tuesday did not appear on newsstands Morocco. The authorities have banned the sale of the Kingdom of numbers for the publication of scandalous sociological survey of the first decade of King Mohammed the Sixth, reported on Tuesday the Arab media.

“The next issue of” Le Monde “, with a circulation of which has arrived at the airport, the city of Casablanca, was arrested immediately and not be on sale on Tuesday,” – said the representative of the Moroccan authorities.

The ban on the distribution of “Le Monde” is the development of a scandal that erupted the previous day after the retirement of the sale of the last two numbers of popular in Morocco, the weekly independent magazine “Telkel” (TelQuel) and “niche” (Nichane). The reason for retirement was the same sociological study carried out by “Le Monde” to the Throne Day, celebrated in Morocco on 30 July and this year marked the tenth anniversary of vosshestviya Muhammad to the throne. Notably, the authorities have banned the sale of magazines for a study which showed that over 90% of Moroccans assess governance monarch “positive” or “very positive”.

“Monarchy in Morocco can not be subject to debate, including, for opinion polls,” – said the day before the Minister of Communications kingdoms Khaled Nasser. But he stressed that any publication that would publish such a sociological study, will be withdrawn from sale in the country. “If the study conducted in the” Le Monde “newspaper was to publish it in the publication, which does not apply in Morocco”, – added official.

In turn, the Moroccan journalists’ union has already announced a protest in connection with the retirement of circulation “Telkel” and “niche”, emphasizing in its statement that “Morocco has no laws prohibiting the conduct of opinion polls or limiting their scope.”

“The demonstrative effect of power once again in practice, showed his disregard for democratic freedoms (freedom of speech and freedom of expression), the need to protect that constantly said our king,” – the collapse of a trade union.

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