Heroes or lucky soldiers?

Today, the guys started talking, and I had the opportunity to show off knowledge, ability and familiarity. But the context of the discussion not give fully express. It always happens, especially when talking about controversial or ambiguous, but the iconic events. And when it comes to historical events, even from the very recent past, we can expect a storm of emotions and positional battles. 
And since we are already talking about fighting, I want to smoothly move our conversation to the main topic. We talked about the heroism on the battlefields of World War II. And yes, we talked, remembered and admired the heroism and courage of the soldiers of the Soviet Army. There are many reasons why the Soviet – our age and our education and starting with our current environment and ending with the Soviet past. However, it should be noted that the majority of the heroic behavior and feats in fact were or curiosities or desperate actions of individual heroes.

“Aleksndr SUCHAREV: Medal of the Red Star I got it for capturing 300 (!!!!) Germans, of those that our troops are caught in Bobruisk pot in June 1944.
By the time I was promoted to head of communications regiment position. One day, tired to sleep. At 4 in the morning I feel like I have someone pushing me to wake me up. I opened my eyes, in front of me were armed heavily fascist, followed by another. And I was naively sure that my scouts guarding me. There was no time to reflect, I jump up, beat them by my boot – one, then another, then grabs their gun and shoot up in air. The Germans ran. Germans surrendered once stumbled on the crazed Russian, who took their gun and started shooting, they were afraid.”

Heroism? Of course, an act worthy of reward. But if you look closely and look at the case of the human eye is familiar with military affairs not by hearsay, it becomes obvious:
– A violation of the statute of combined arms
– Violation of the statute the pointsman and sentry duty
– Violation subordinates
– Sleeping on duty
– Leaving the place of service
All of these disorders together and separately, according to martial law, punishable by execution accused on the spot.
Online you can find thousands of examples of such heroism, but whether they are necessary now and correspond to whether modern military realities and methods of warfare?

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