If you can’t, then they’ll make it.

That’s such nonsense spread the news agency Regnum.

REGNUM office aware his fellow journalists , the public and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Armenia. REGNUM agency addresses his readers in connection with the recent advent of some Armenian media articles provocative and frank misinformation that may harm Russian- Armenian strategic partnership.
The materials , which are the primary source of the U.S. Embassy supported media attributed to Russia and Russians allegedly involved in fueling the war in Nagorno – Karabakh conflict, the distribution of various types of dangerous infections in Yerevan. Russia also responsible for all the problems in the national economy.
In anticipation of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi , one newspaper published republic candid about the alleged forgery of preparation for the terrorist attacks in Armenia Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov.
The information contained in these articles have not been confirmed, however, had a clear focus on discrediting the image of the country’s population of Russia and the Olympic Games in Sochi.
The purpose of these publications – harm Russia and its relations with Armenia , including in anticipation of the entry into the Customs Union of the Republic may be prosecuted only anti-Russian forces in Armenia and abroad. Due to the numerous victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd Revision considers inappropriate ethically speculation about terrorism.
With this in mind Revision appeals to readers asking them not to succumb to provocations anti-Russian forces and publications balanced treat publications about Russia and its partnership with Armenia , to take into account the desire of third forces to split between the two countries and slow down the process of Armenia’s accession to the Customs and the Eurasian Union . The tragic events in Ukraine clearly demonstrate long-term goals of information manipulators of US-funded . At the same time appeal to the law enforcement authorities and Armenia to also respond quickly to the publication of unscrupulous ” journalists.”

We can assume that the agency is not just doing someone’s order, but also secretly trying to earn points on popular topics about which the agency itself has nothing to say.

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