In Baku thinking is dangerous!


Situation that is developing in Azerbaijan resembles a bad comedy or the vaudeville. 

Attacks on intellectuals, writers and journalists harassment, beatings civic activists, arrests and repression. 
All this speaks openly about the fear of the Azerbaijani regime. Yes, the Aliyev regime in horror and tries to stifle dissent, sees it as a direct threat to its existence. That is why, in recent months, has been dramatically strengthened militaristic rhetoric comes from Baku side.

A sharp rise in non-combat losses and mortality in the Azerbaijani army is also very eloquent fact. However, do not consider this fact apart from the overall picture. A picture is not very joyful for Azerbaijani elites, given the fact that the clan split becomes deeper and Nakhichevan clan suppress all dissent and innovation, it is not far off the turning point, when Azerbaijan will repeat the fate of North Korea.
An even more bleak picture for the Azerbaijani youth, especially those representatives who had to go abroad or take part in various peacekeeping projects. Young people understand that all these steps are directed against it and have under itself a single goal – to restrict the freedoms and rights, cuts freedom of speech or movements, restricting access to truthful and any information that is contrary to the propaganda machine of the Aliyev regime.

All freedom-loving people of the world can only to sympathize with our Azerbaijani friends and colleagues.

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