Medvedev: Russia will not be «reboot» at the expense of other countries


Russia’s foreign policy stands ready to respond very harshly, but only when the actions of partners threaten the interests of the citizens of the country, said the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.
«Our image, it must be collective, but generally comfortable for those who communicate with us. Of course, we should not put forward some thorns, but at the same time, with some difficulty, we should be able to answer. Sometimes a hard answer. Sometimes very hard answer. But only if it threatens the interests of our citizens », – Medvedev said in an interview with NTV.
Commenting on the situation in Russian-American relations, the Russian President said: «I do not think it’s right to relations with Russia, if you use the American terminology,« restart »at the expense of some other countries». «We need good relations, working, friendly relations with the United States. They are much depends. But that does not mean that our relationship should lead to a deterioration in relations with other countries, or U.S. relations with some countries, be it Georgia or Ukraine », – said Medvedev.
Vice President Joseph Biden, speaking on Thursday in the Georgian parliament, said that the United States not to establish relations with Russia, restart them, at the expense of Georgia. A similar statement was the American vice-president was made on 21 July in Kiev.

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