Prostitutes in Israel are many, but their exact number is unknown


Knesset Committee on the Status of Women to discuss the problem of prostitution in the country.

As the public radio station Voice of Israel “, the discussion has been tumultuous and emotional. The participants stressed: still unknown how many people – women and men – involved in the Israel-first oldest profession, but none less than 20,000.

In the absence of accurate data on the extent of prostitution in Israel Welfare Minister Yitzhak Herzog has directed his subordinates to carry out a study in which it is found more or less the exact number of people selling their bodies. Duke officials also instructed the Ministry to clarify which part promyshlyaet prostitutes on the streets, which – in bars and other entertainment-night drinking establishments, but the girls (and young people) serve customers in the discrete private apartments and how much work “to support the girls.”

Because of the fact that prostitution in Israel is still not legalized, pimps bullied over their “slaves”, locked them in private homes and forced to work almost around the clock. The rights of women who dared to make through their trade body, is widely abused, but only in a few cases, this has become known to law enforcement agencies.

In particular, speaking at a meeting of the parliamentary commission Tzipi Nahshon-Gliko responsible in the Ministry of Welfare for assistance to women victims of domestic violence, has led these figures: in the last year on the “hot line” in Tel Aviv called 270 prostitutes. With fifty-one of them, the Ministry supports us on this day. In a special refuge for women in danger for the year to sleep or spent 6000 times (with many returning again), and the hostel has 31 asylum-prostitute.

In Haifa, assistance was provided to 300 representative of the oldest profession.

Tzipi Hotoveli, member of the Knesset from the Likud and the Chairman of the Commission on the Status of Women, stressed at the meeting: the lives of women are often forced into prostitution, is a real danger, so the State is obliged to strengthen measures to protect them.

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