Spy was never been so close to failure.


Citizens of Armenia and NKR helped declassify personnel of Azerbaijan intelligence acting through social network “Classmates” (odnoklassniki).
As a result of the National Security Service of Armenia investigative operations in 2013, was discovered a simple and primitive mechanism of work of Azerbaijani special services, which don’t have any alternative, and try to using the power of social networks on the Internet to harm Armenians.
As the press service of the NSS inform in the press release,- it was reported on the usage of social networking, particularly the site “Classmates” fakes – «Seyran Dervishyan», «S Dr» and «Tigran Dervishyan», through which established contacts with the ongoing service or end-of-in the Armed Forces of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic citizens. The aim was to extract from them the intelligence information of a military nature.
This information has been widely disseminated among the society, especially among young people, who are active users of the social networks “Schoolmates”, as result numerous citizens of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh on their own initiative immediately began to contact the authorities and provide NSS data published on contact with them through “Classmates” suspicious persons.
Thus in sight NSS were also involved in the Azeri special services social network “Schoolmates” false profiles «Seyran Derv», «SS», «Samvel Samvel», «Ա Ս», «Artem Arutyunov», «Albert Mnacakanyan», «AM »,« Ruben Hayrapetyan »,« (((((((RH))))))) »,« Gevorg Saroyan »,« Alik Mesropyan »,« Sergey Karapetyan »and others. And the press service of Armenian National Security Service inform that under this fake names hiding so called “powerful intelligence officers” of Azerbaijan.

Continuing to use an old-fashioned methods, Azerbaijani special services do not even try to change legends used them to establish contacts with the Armenian citizens. And in almost all cases they remain ostensibly served in some Armenians Armenian military unit, now engaged in trade of furniture, accessories, household goods in Georgia, Istanbul or Russia or relevant to the Diaspora organizations.
As a result, with the participation of the citizens of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic authorities NSS Azerbaijani scouts passed a large number of misinformation on which “lost their heads with joy” Azerbaijani special services report their achievements in exploration, while in fact misleading guide their country, which, in turn, from time to time to make unsubstantiated bellicose statements.
“The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia expresses its appreciation to the citizens of Armenia, who showed patriotism, and once again urges to refrain from accidental contact in social networks, and in the case of persons of questionable contact NSS,” – said in a statement.

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