“The drunken give a damn” © Russia


There is an old Russian proverb – The drunken give a damn. I think it is very clearly conveys the current situation and the euphoria to seize the Russian society.
Flywheel propaganda machine twisted to such an alarming rate that threatens to break off its hinges and carry the remains of common sense. And when, in response to the sanctions of Europe and America citizens of Russia promised to “show gruel Pindos”, we can confidently say that that’s a drunk intoxication, and the hangover is not far off.

Peak Putin’s popularity came with slogans “Crimea is our” and “no to Ukrainian fascism” gradually opens the abyss of hangover, in which society is already beginning to topple. Hangover comes with the graves of the Pskov paratroopers their secret and dishonorable burial. Hangover comes with blacklists and cancel flights. Hangover comes from the touristic routes and tours “without Russians.” Hangover comes with thugs shouting “Heil Hitler” on the streets of St. Petersburg. Hangover comes, it always comes, because these are the laws of nature.

How can they get out of this hangover ?! All keys are now only in the hands of the people of Russia. Only they can decide to finish off their hangover by continue using propaganda and “hate-alcohol” intoxication and fratricidal war or start to live in a healthy lifestyle without “Putin-toxins” and without the imperial ambitions of a drunken stupor.

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