The problem of choosing “for or against”.


The other day in Chisinau hosts International conference of representatives of civil society from the countries of participants the Eastern Partnership. The participants represent the leading NGOs, independent research and analytical centers and think tanks. Your “old friend” (me) also was involved in the initiative. I try to cover everything that happens in the last five days as part of the event, the sounded perspective, concerns and clever words and thoughts from the mouth of the participants.

It should be noted that the representation at the event was at a high level. Almost all the participants were representatives of leading NGOs in their countries and were professionals.

The specifics of the visit was to visits to all possible government agencies involved in the integration with the EU. Among other things, organized a visit to the Gagauz autonomous formation and meeting with its leader.
It is in this part of the visit, I would like to elaborate. The Governor of Gagauzia, or as it is called here “Boshkan” (from the Turkic word bashka) Mr. Formuzal was very, very colorful person. This formation have even own web portal. However, once the portal itself suggestive. The whole site is written in Russian, though, there are sections in Romanian, Gagauz and English languages​​. And as we know, Romanian is the state language, but Russian and Gagauz official languages ​​of the region, together with a Romanian.
At the meeting itself was an atmosphere of distrust and some of suspicion, it is obvious that we are not welcome here. Interpreter we prudently brought with us. We were not offered any water or rest after traveling.Speech of Mr. Formuzal abounded catch phrase and well-established expressions of Putin’s Propaganda Machine. He blamed for all the troubles of the Gagauz people Moldovans, Romanians, Europe and the bourgeois. He has repeatedly emphasized that the it is time to appoint to the post of Ambassador of Moldova to Turkey representative of the Gagauz. Later, however, agreed not only to the post of deputy ambassador, but a simple clerk at the embassy. Presumably, the approaching end of the term as head of the region and the person very concerned about the cloudless existence.
The head of the region on the questions answered reluctantly and out of place. So, for example, on the question of the distribution of the budget, he began to blame the government for what they see  Gagauzia as a subsidized region of Moldova. On the question of the national language and the absence of the Gagauz schools, he said that his administration had decided to start with kindergarten, and the schools they would get later. And it looks apocalyptic phrase thrown in response to a question about the decision of the Putin regime’s ban on imports of Moldovan wine to Russia:

“Moldovans are guilty, and they don’t have to blame anyone, especially Putin and Russia.”

On this optimistic note, I will finish my story about this meeting, because the meeting as well ended, aroused ambiguous opinions emotions and rejection.
I would like to wish my Moldovan friends and colleagues strength and patience in the fight for the bright future of their country.

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