United States and Israel had not been able to test MANPADS Arrow


New US-Israeli test of anti-missile system Arrow, designed to destroy ballistic missiles, do not actually take place. According to representatives of the Agency for the Pentagon’s missile defense test conducted on the ground in the United States. The missile-target, which was supposed to hit the system was successfully reset to the military transport plane C-17, were “not met all the conditions tested. In this regard, as the Agency for the defense, launching a missile-interceptor Arrow was carried out. What exactly happened at the trials, the U.S. military did not specify. In doing so, it argues that the goal of verifying the interoperability of U.S. and Israeli weapons systems “had been achieved.” In the test involving U.S. anti-missile systems and Patriot Thaad, early detection and guidance of sea-based “Aegis.” “The results are analyzed by engineers program”, – reported the ABM.

On the plans for this test, announced last week, the agency director general Patrick O’Raylli. It was intended to verify the ability of MANPADS Arrow to intercept missiles, range in excess of one thousand kilometers. Commander explained to undertake this kind of test in the Mediterranean would be difficult because of the densely populated and relatively small size of the area. “They (Israelis) are limited in the choice of range missiles, which can be tested in the eastern Mediterranean. This is a security issue. This is the main reason for their conduct in the United States and the use of our site,” – noted O’Raylli.

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