Sexual lawmaking was the only occupation in the Russian parliament. The deputies did not offer any other laws in order not to fall out of the political fairway outlined by Putin and his propaganda machine.

The deputy of the “United Russia ” Alexander Sidyakin proposes to ban entry for 50 years in Russia foreigners held liable for sexual crimes against children. The relevant bill he introduced to the lower house of parliament.
“The idea is simple: if it becomes known that a foreigner is a pedophile , we closes the entry for him into our country for 50 years. Necessary to introduce protective measures against external threats entry into our country of persons intending to commit acts against the sexual integrity of minors “- explains Sidyakin .
The ban can be installed and for those convicted of photography, film or video of children for the production and distribution of pornographic materials or involvement of minors in pornographic entertainment events . Author of the initiative said that the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov supported him in the fact that the problem of child sex tourism is relevant today .
According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN , the profit from the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism , according to rough estimates, could bring $ 20 trillion a year , according to the accompanying documents to the bill. Case studies show that some tourists are involved in the sexual exploitation of children , are enriched by the sale of photos and videos.

Behind all this is it does not matter who proposes the law and what is its essence, but “the precepts of Putin’s” lives in his faithful followers. Law course to be adopted in the shortest terms and will use it in punitive measures or in the best traditions of the KGB and Stalinism.
Will be absolutely not important you are a pedophile or not, you will be called such, and banned from entering the country whose authorities are afraid of you and your speeches and views.

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